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We create, organize, and optimize databases, thereby providing comprehensive support for sales processes.

Our tool adapts to the specifics of the country – we understand that every large company uses proven corporate systems. We offer flexibility and locality – taking into account legal aspects as well.

Together, we generate values that you can boast about within internal structures. We implement improvements that save time and allow specialists to focus on what they do best.

Knowledge and time are invaluable. Gain them with us!

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Golden Arrow Award 2014
Incentive platform for dedicated promotions for HP Partners


sales increase



  • No database of End Customers
  • No informational and administrative page


Sales Support

Creating an attractive sales incentive and reward model for
Participants Expanding the customer base



  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Dedicated database system – WLS platform
  • Simple Contest mechanism covering all groups of Recipients
  • Intuitive Contest website
  • Helpline and simplified online contact


  • Communication platform, all information and data in one place – www.hpgo.pl
  • Improvement of prize logistics
  • Increase in sales targets by at least 26%
  • Golden Arrow Award 2014 in the category of B2B Loyalty Program, Incentive Travel (the Incentive Travel program was combined with CSR activities carried out both in Poland and in Laos)

We will provide sales support in your company.

We will streamline and organize everything where we can work on the data.

This allows us to manage processes and access information that was previously unreachable for us. We make good use of human and natural resources. We eliminate costly and non-ecological paper in favor of an effective and stable system that protects and organizes your data.


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