About us

 Who we are? 

Our team of more than 20 specialists has been helping build good business relations in Poland and abroad for over two decades.

We believe in loyalty.

We believe loyalty in B2B and B2C is a relationship wherein, following the completion of a transaction, both sides are satisfied and would repeat the transaction.


 Your needs are our competences 

Knowledge and experience

We have knowledge and many years of experience (20 years on the market) in building business relations through relationship campaigns, i.e. loyalty and incentive programs, promotions, contests, lotteries, communication and consumer campaigns. Our knowledge is used by Hawlett-Packard, the Goodyear Group, Cisco, LG Electronics, Wienerberger and many others.

We provide professional consultancy, creation, formal and legal services as well as efficient, comprehensive supervision over the entire campaign process.

WLS platform

Own platform for comprehensive relationship management "Web Loyalty System„.

WLS is a proven, proprietary IT platform available on-line forfor creating and managing marketing campaigns with various mechanisms and complexity. It uniquely improves the campaign management process, including, among others, organizing the Participants' databases, facilitating communication between the sender and the recipient (email, SMS), storing, processing, analyzing, reporting, converting the necessary data, based on the introduced campaign mechanisms, etc. …

Committed and effective

Our competences, proprietary tools and commitment allow us to launch any campaign in a relatively short time.

The mechanisms and solutions recommended by us have translated many times for the success of ongoing projects.

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